Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week 22 - 05/17 - 05/23/2009

Avan tried bananas on the 19th and thought they were okay! He much rather have his green veggies, silly boy! Maybe that is why he is such a big boy at 5 months old!!! He even held his own bottle while eating on the 21st. Just for a few seconds, I usually keep the bottle with some juice to wash down any food. I have also tested out his sippy cup. So that was super cute! Then Saturday we played at the pool! He didn't hate it! He actually giggled a little when Nick splashed him! He is continuing to giggle like crazy and play more. In his saucer he can turn in full circles to play with the toy he wants! He loves to play the "I am going to bite your hands" game. He sticks his hands near our mouths and we pretend bite. He LOVES it and giggles and giggles! His littler personality is shining through. He is so goofy! He also is grabbing Macy now. That will be interesting to watch as he gets bigger and she stays the same size!

Week 21 - 05/10 - 05/16/2009

On the 10th I made sweet potatoes and apples for Avan. He tried the sweet potatoes on Sunday and wednesday the apples. We are learning he doesn't really care foor fruits as much. Sweet potatoes are okay but still his favorite is avocodos! Saturday we tried out some organic gerber green beans and he really enjoyed those too! My good little boy, all about those veggies! We are starting to also offer him an oz of juice with 3 ozs of water. Just to play around with after his meals. It is really amazing how fast he is growing and the things he is learning each day! He is getting better with sleep. He is now sleeping for a 4 hour stretch and then every 3 hours at night. So eating 2-3 times. It is much better then the every hour!!! Mommy is starting to get some rest again!

Week 20 - 05/03 - 05/09/2009

This week was a busy week! Since we picked up the high chair on Saturday we chose to start solids. I know originally we wanted to wait but eating every hour day and night for 2 weeks was a bit much. Since his ped approved it at 4 months, we went ahead and tried. We first gave him a spoon to play with and he didn't seem to want that for much long. Then we tried breastmilk on the spoon, he ate about every other bite or so. Then once he seemed to master that we started Cereal. I found the coolest website from the blog girls on making my own food. So I made the brown rice cereal! We tried that on Sunday the 3rd. He loved it! On the 6th we made avocodos and oh my, that is by far his favorite thing ever! He gobbled it right up. Daddy couldn't give it faster! I assumed he would enjoy it, I did eat avocodos daily while pregnant! We then noticed he is fully grasping toys and such this week! It is wonderful!!! Everyday he learns something new! I love making the food! I make what ever it is in a big batch and freeze it into these ice cube trays with lids. They measure 1 oz cubes. Once frozen I pop them out and put them in ziploc bags and date them! Then for each meal he can get a cube or two! Wonderful and easy! Very nutrtious and I know exactly what he is getting!

Week 19 - 04/26 - 05/02/2009

Avan had done great for this month. He is laughing more and more. He talks all the time. He loves playing with Daddy and Mommy. Anything, singing, peek-a-boo, and the TV. He loves the saucer, just having tummy time and watching Macy. Although we were low-key. I had back blocks put in because I have 2 bulged discs and a disc that is starting to herniate. I am shocked that is what the MRI showed. But this means really taking it easy with Avan. One bad move and I am in the OR and that is no good. It is great we are co-sleeping as the lifting from the crib is no good! At the end of the week we went out and got a high chair for Avan! It matches his carseat, the chicco brand. It was rated pretty good in safety! Avan had a lot of fun playing with his spoons and toys while we ate dinner!

Week 18 - 04/19 - 04/25/2009

Sunday the 19th Avan found his thumb! Oh my it is soo cute! He is also a wopping 4 months old! He had his 4-month check up on the 21st. He weighed in at 14lbs and 5ozs, 25 inches big! Nick went because I couldn't handle another horrible cry like last time. Avan didn't have one tear, which I am so pleased with, but seriously, why did he freak the first time and not for these ones! Just relieved he still did not react to the vaccines! Makes me feel so much better about it. Doctor suggested starting solids and that he is growing great! She did say he has a small flat spot and to try and get him to not lay on that side, but it isn't going to happen. He loves laying on his right side. We do lay him flat once he falls asleep but he still rolls to the right. He likes to cuddle me in bed, hehe! Co-sleeping has been wonderful. At first it was just after his first wake-up. Then Avan started waking every hour, so we just thought it would be best to get more sleep if he just went to bed with us. It has worked out great!

Week 17 - 04/12 - 04/18/2009

Easter was wonderful! We went over to Becky and Ian's house to enjoy BBQ. Avan got all dressed up in his Vest and pants! Soo cute! He also got Easter Bunny goodies of a sippy cup, bowls, spoons, several teething rings and also some new pacis. Granpa and Grandma got him a cute summer outfit that is UT. It will fit perfectly for our visit in June! On the 16th you were doing tummytime and actually went up on your knees! I was amazed! I can't beleive how strong you are! We got you your first big boy toy, an Exersaucer on the 17th! You LOVE it! It has all sorts of toys that sing and light up! It is so much fun to watch his face as he plays and gets excited!

Week 16 - 04/05 - 04/11/2009

We went shopping for his Easter basket stuff. We plan to do solids stuff. Like spoons and teethers. We thought that would be somewhat fun since it is coming closer to that. He is continuing to use his hands so much! He thinks he can fit his whole fists in his mouth both at the same time! Now that he is using his hands more we are wondering if he will be a lefty like mommy or a rightly like daddy. We shall see!

Week 15 - 03/31 - 04/04/2009

On the last day in March he completely rolled over from his tummy to his back! It scared him at first but then he got used to it! It seems Avan has forgotten all about STTN. He is waking up every 2 hours or even more! I am guessing he is more hungry, maybe a growth spurt. We are really hoping to wait until 6 months for solids, but we may not. It depends on what Avan thinks. On the 3rd Nana sent Avan an Easter basket. Inside a personalized tin was candy (for us) then he also got this purple bunny that sings. He FREAKED out completely. The video I got was priceless, he hates it! I felt so bad squeezing it a second time, but I had to show Nick his response to it. He just pouts and puckers for a while and then hollars! On the 4th we went and saw the Easter Bunny! He was soo tired. He was awake but then the Easter Bunny had gone on a "carrot break" so but the time he returned Avan was ready to fall asleep. The picture did turn out cute though. We weren't sure how he would react. I thought because of Nana's bunny that quite possibly he would freak out. But the bunny came right up to him and touched his cheek and he just looked at him. So it turned out great!

Week 14 - 03/22 - 03/28/2009

On the 23rd Avan found his hands! It was soo cute! They are in his mouth constantly. He is still working on grabbing things. But I know that will be soon! Boy he still hates the swing. We keep testing him out in it. But it is a no go everytime! We play patty cake and he giggles and giggles! He also LOVES the tv! He likes the colors and movements! It is supercute to watch! Tummytime is so much better! I think he will be rolling very soon!!!

Week 13 - 03/15 - 03/21-2009

My big boy is now 3 months old! I cannot believe it! Avan is starting to like the bath. He kicks his legs a little and realizes it is nice and warm. Maybe we can soon bring toys in! He talks to the frogs and turtles that hang from the mobile in his crib. He even is noticing the toys on his bouncer. I know one day he will be reaching for those soon! He is starting to hate the carseat if he is awake. If it is in the car he is fine, but if we are out and about, we put him in the sling instead! Works much better! He really enjoys the sling, it is his own room as Nick puts it. He also loves when I sing, he kicks with excitement! Super cute! Still STTN and I swear everyday I wonder when he won't anymore, haha. I know a growth spurt will be coming soon!

Week 12 - 03/8 - 03/14/2009

Avan is babbling more and more! He eats so much and has become quite an efficent nurser! It used to take 45mins to feed his belly. Now we are done in 10 mins! He seems to take a 45min nap in the morning and a 3 hour nap in the afternoon! He really likes the sling. I have gotten the hang of it and he naps in there great! Tummy time has gotten so much better. He even fell asleep on the boppy the other day! It was so cute!

Week 11 - 03/01 - 03/07/2009

Avan had is first big daddy day on the 1st. For my Birthday I had a complete spa package. I got an hour massage, a 45-minute facial, a fancy lunch, spa pedi and mani! It was wonderful and pampering. Nick enjoyed a man movie and hot wings with his friend Tommy while they took care of Avan. Avan did great, ate his bottles up and took naps! I got home and was completely rejuvanated! On March 2nd we had our first snow day with Avan. I don't think he enjoyed it but he didn't cry either. We dressed him in a snowsuit we got from Becky and took a ton of pictures. It was so much fun! We hope next year he enjoys it more! On March 4th we went to the doctor, Avan and I. He had his 2 month check up. He weighed in at 12lbs and 13ozs and 23 3/4 inches big! The nurse tech was shocked at how he just sat there in my arms. Avan's head control I guess is awesome for his age. The tech also commented on how happy he was. In the ped office all you hear is crying little ones. When we saw the ped she was very pleased at Avan's progress. She examined him and talked to him, then he cooed and talked back. She told him he was a 2-month old acting like a 4-month old. That made me feel wonderful! I didn't realize he was ahead at all. She suggested we do tummytime on our chests just until he gets used to it. Then to use the boppy. For the shots it was awful! I cried right along with him. Avan cried louder then I had ever heard him before, it was awful! I don't want to ever hear that cry again. He was soo mad! Thankfully he didn't run a fever or have any reactions! He got 3 shots which included one that is taken orally. Saturday the 7th we had another date night. Ms Linda took him for a few hours. We went to my favorite The Melting Pot! YUMMY! It was so romantic and quiet. Afterwards, we decided to go to Sam's Club. Wow it was soo nice to relax in a store and not rush. Not that Avan isn't good, but sometimes it seems a tad stressful. It was great! We picked up his wipes and diapers and then went to get him. Ms Linda enjoyed having him and playing! It was a wonderful week!!!

Week 10 - 02/22 - 02/28/2009

I can't belive February is already over! The time has flown since Avan has been born! We got a tummytime aquarium mat thing. Avan seems to like it, it has a mirror and nosiy toys. He is starting to be okay with the swing when awake and is able to see the mobile move around. He also found his tongue! Whoever thought that would be the cutest thing ever! I am amazed at what babies learn. I guess you never think about finding your tongue as a milestone, hehe! So cute though!

Week 9 - 02/15 - 02/21/2009

Month 2, oh my goodness, what a big boy!!! We went to the Picture People and had our first family photos done! Avan was soo cute, he even smiled in one! He was sound asleep when we drove there. Once we were there he just opened his eyes and seemed to be calm. Then once pictures were over he went right back to sleep. It is like he knew what he needed to do! It was amazing! He is still STTN! I cannot believe it! On the 19th I woke up to hearing cooing and giggling! I was shocked, usually I hear a fussy boy wanting some milk. I went in his nursery and he was just so happy and talking away to the mobile of frogs and turtles! We had another date night and it was perfect! We went and saw a movie why Becky and Ian took care of Avan. It was nice to get out just the two of us. Avan did really well for them. I was worried because it was his rough time of day. He seems to like to nurse non-stop starting at 4pm. But he did great! Time to make Avan's 2-month check up! I wonder how big he is! I am dreading the shots though!

Week 8 - 02/08 - 02/14/2009

I cannot believe how blessed we are, Avan still is sleeping through the night! It amazes me. Everywhere you read and hear it says breastfed babies don't STTN until much later. I guess he is a random little boy! I feel so blessed! I had my first big Mommy me day and got my hair done! Nick had daddy duty for 3 hours! It was wonderful! We also celebrated our 1st Valentine's day as parents! Avan was so cute in his little red outfit. Even smiled and showed off his small dimple! He was so happy that day! Nick went out and got Outback so that we could enjoy it all in the comfort of our home. It was much more peaceful then trying to wait for a table somewhere with a newborn. Very romantic! Avan is starting to find his voice, he coos and talks. In the morning I talk to him and he talks back, it is super cute. He is still obsessed with his bouncer chair that vibrates, I don't know what we will do when he is too big for it! Tummy time is still somewhat of a challenge. They say to give them 15 minutes daily, but Avan wants nothing of that. I hope it will get better so he can learn to roll and such!

Week 7 - 02/01 - 02/07/2009

February is here! Starting the 2nd you have STTN nightly! Avan goes to bed at 7:30pm and doesn't stir until 6am to eat! If I go out to the store or something Avan takes a full 6ozs of breastmilk. It amazes me. Such a big boy! Avan eats every 2 hours all day long and still does the cluster feeding, only from 4pm until bedtime now. I am fine with it because this means I get to sleep long! It is wonderful! He is just growing and growing! We are catching more smiles and are learning he is quite happy as long as he is fed, changed and has long sleeps! Being a mother is way more wonderful then I could have ever imagined!

Week 6 - 01/25 - 01/31/2009

On the 25th you managed to STTN again! Such a great little boy for Mommy! It is like he knows I need sleep! Nothing else has changed much. Avan really dislikes the swing. I mean he just cries in it. He has also started a new thing in the evening. From 7pm until 11pm he eats every hour at least. I hear it is called cluster feeding and they do this during growth spurts. I also think he does it because he wants to be nice and full before his long sleep. He also does this grunt noise in his sleep, really funny!!!

Week 5 - 01/18 - 01/24/2009

Avan turned a whole month this week. I cannot believe a whole month has passed by. He is sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches which means we get more rest. We are so blessed. I feel wonderful now that my sleep is nice and caught up! Nursing is going so well! I originally thought I would nurse just a month and go back on my meds. But quickly changed my mind the more I researched it and saw news articles on rocket fuel in formula. They won't even give the brand names. Right there means I plan to nurse only and give zero formula!!! Just freaks me out. I hope I can continue to feel great in my head so that I don't have to go on meds! Avan still likes to make mmhm mmmhm noises while he nurses. It is so cute! He also holds the boob as though it is a bottle, super cute! He is starting to look at his mobile and smiles more and more! He also has great head control, which is surprising everyone, including doctors!

Week 4 - 01/11 -01/17/2009

Such a great week! Avan, Grandma and I went to the mall together and just enjoyed walking around and looking at books. Avan did great! The only time he fussed was when we went through Macy's....the floor is nice and smooth. He prefers bumps! Go figure it is my favorite store and he fusses in there, haha! On the 15th Grandma gave Avan a bath. It was so cute, he hardly fussed. He is getting better at bathtime. He still hates to be cold though, just like mommy! When he is trying to go to sleep we crank the heat and out he goes! Amazing! January 16th is the last day Grandma will be here, so she offered to babysit so that Nick and I could have a date night. It was wonderful. We went to Friday's because we had been watching this show on Food Network and the winner's dish was at Friday's. Afterwards we went to Target to look at swings for Avan. Funny, I really missed him and we were only gone an hour and a half. It is just hard to leave him, especially since he was in my tummy everyday for 8 months! I am soo attached to him. Once we got home, Nick put together the swing and we tested it out. Avan didn't seem to really enjoy it. Many people told us that as he gets bigger he will like it, so we will see. That night Avan had a really hard time going to sleep. So Nick took him in his nursery so that I could rest and he rocked him. Well after rocking him he thought to lay him in his crib....since he napped in there nicely during the day. Oh my goodness, he slept through the night in there. I woke up in such a panic! We think it is because it is so toasty in his room. So I guess we will start the crib more often, so sad. I like having him close to me. On January 17th, Nick's mom left. It is so hard having family live so far away. We do have a plan thought to see her in the Spring again. Along with everyone else!

Isn't he just too precious

Just spending time with Grandma

Grandma playing with Avan!

Grandma gives me my second bottle

Grandma gives Avan his second bottle!

Look at those feet!

Such little cute feet!


Going going .....

Avan going into his "milk coma"

Grandma is the first sitter

Grandma gets to be Avan's first babysitter!

Grandma is cuddling me

One of the top photos that I just cute! He only has 1 eye open!

Daddy builds my swing

Daddy starts building your swing! After our dinner date we went to Target and picked out a swing!

Testing out my new swing

I guess it is okay

I think you like it!

Week 3 - 01/04-01/10/2009

It is amazing to love someone so much when you have only seen them through an ultrasound!!! Avan is just perfect! Everyday I smile and just hold him close. He gave me his first real smile on 01/05! I guess most babies smile at mommy first, since they know her voice best. He is just beautiful. When we go out so many people come up to us and say how beautiful he is and how they mention other babies are just not that cute. It is really nice! I pumped all week so that Nick's mom can offer him a small bottle. All books say to wait 3 weeks before offering a breastfed baby a bottle. So I want to make sure that happens. I really don't want to ruin breastfeeding since it is really going well. The soreness is starting to ease up and it is just nice to be so close and bonded! On the 10th Nick gave Avan his very first bottle. It was only an oz and then I nursed him after. I chose to do small amounts and then once he doesn't want the breast afterwards, I figure that is how I will know how much he takes. It went great! I was amazed as you read about how baby just plain refuses it. He didn't he took it like a champ and didn't seem affected at all at the difference! It was so cute seeing Nick hold the tiny bottle up to Avan's mouth! So precious!!! I can't believe is is already 3 weeks old!

The Future American Idol

The Future American Idol

First Tummy Time Experience

Attempting the very first Tummy Time!

So tiny

So tiny!

I do all my own stunts

I do all my own stunts!!!!

The full outfit

The Full outfit!


First bottle by daddy

The first Bottle, given by daddy! Avan doesn't mind at all!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week 2 - 12/28-01/03/2009

Having Nick's mom here has been wonderful. Just visiting and enjoying Nick's leave period. Nick was able to take 2 weeks of leave. On New Year's Eve December 31st we had an appt for Avan. A weight check and just how is everything going type of thing. He weighed in at 7lbs and 11ozs and 21 inches big! Gained a whole pound and an inch! Woohoo! Doc said everything looks good and things are how they are suppose to be! Avan eats every 2-3 hours day and night. He has started to squeak and snort when he gets upset, so precious! He gets really annoyed when he needs to sneeze or yawn, so funny. He also is a noisey eater and makes mmm mmm noises while nursing. He is 100% breastfed now. Just the formula those first few hours. So glad we are done with that! Before leaving the hospital I learned the tricks to tightly swaddling, which Avan prefers. He likes to be nice and snug. On New Year's Day Avan's umbilical cord fell off, which means bathtime! We gave him his first real bath on the 2nd, which he HATED! He screammed the whole time! I felt awful, but wow is it good to get him nice and clean! Smells so nice and fresh! We all are sleeping pretty good. Still getting adjusted to waking every few hours and nursing, which is quite painful. But luckily the Lacation Consultant gave me these amazing gel pads that help me heal quickly. Grandma is enjoying burping and folding itty bitty clothes! So cute!

Awww Nick makes the perfect Daddy

Aww Nick looks like a natural at being Daddy to Avan!

Monkey outfit

Thanks Jessica for the Secret Stork gifts! LOVE the monkeys!

Mickey Mouse

Every baby needs some Mickey Mouse! Thanks Latronda and Jordan for the wonderful gifts for both Avan and I!!!! Extra diapers and pedi set is always a must for a mommy!

Studying Grandma

Studying Grandma so much!

Ready to get my 2 week check up

Ready for my 2-Week Check up! December 31st! I weighed in at 7lbs and 11ozs!!! 21 inches big! Getting bigger already!

The stuff across the lake

Santa's Land

Santa and his reindeer

New Years Eve checking out the Newport News Park for the wonderful light show!


Avan exactly at Midnight :)

After Grandma got me ready to celebrate the New Year

Grandma got me all ready for New Years!

I hate baths!  Avan's first real bath

Avan's real first bath! January 2nd!!! The day after his umbilical cord fell off! Boy did he HATE every moment of the bath!

Daddy saved me!

Daddy took over and cuddled me up till I fell asleep!

So precious

A great picture after a big feeding! Avan sleeps wonderfully after getting a full tummy! I can see him fattening up in this picture!

Week 1- 12/20-12/27-2008

December 20th was of course written already....but a few more tidbits. The evening that Avan was born had many ups and downs. As he had some blood sugar problems. I ended up having to give him 3 doses of formula, which was considered medicine. The Dr. was awesome. She also was in the room with me most of the night because as a new mommy, I didn't have a clue as to what we were doing or how to latch properly. On another note, while changing his very first diaper Daddy decided that he would do it.....although quickly changed his mind. Hehe! Poor guy, never heard of the first baby poos as being pretty sticky! Well, Avan also peed all over me! The first few days in the hospital it seemed that Avan NEVER peed in the diaper!!! Oh well, welcome to mommyhood! On the second day, the hospital brought us a nice lunch for welcoming Avan into the World. It was wonderful, got real Sweet Tea and a big piece of Strawberry cheesecake, two things that had been cut from my diet! On Monday, Dec 22nd we finally were being released! Although it took a long time. As Avan had to get his circ and such. We didn't get to leave until nearly 9pm. It was also the coldest night in a long time....19 degrees I believe. So chilly! It was GREAT being home! I had not slept at all being in the hospital for 4 nights. I think being so overwhelemed and being a new mom I felt the need to check on Avan every little bit. Plus waking every 2 hours to make sure he ate because of the blood sugars. And of course learning breastfeeding, we took a long time. Before leaving we did have to make a doctor's appt for 2 days after. So, after being home it was wonderful. Macy just sniffed Avan and was fine with him. We all enjoyed being at home and relaxed. On December 24th we went in for a weight check. Avan weighed in at 6lbs and 11ozs, so not far off from his birth weight. The doc was very pleased and said to continue what we were doing and waking him every 3 hours. By the end of the week we stopped setting our alarm!! We quickly learned that there is no need for it, as Avan wakes to eat when he is hungry! Our 1st Christmas was wonderful! Nick made his very first turkey and fixings! It was so cute! We enjoyed that and just all being home! On Saturday Decemeber 27th, Nick's mom flew in. She met Avan and got tons of Grandma time in. We also got a few gifts, so lovely. Meme, Nick's grandmother had gotten personlized shoes for Avan. Nick's Aunt Beverly gave him a prayer bear and beanie baby boy. Then of course Nick's folks got an outfit and a warm cozy blanket. Avan has gotten so much, it is just amazingly sweet of everyone! So our first week was successful and such a blessing to have Avan home!!

Macy and Avan

So cute!

Macy Loves Avan!

I think Macy likes Avan

Thanks for the flowers and balloon inlaws

The wonderful flowers I got from MIL and FIL!

Daddy with the 2 beasts

This was the second day home, Avan and Macy sleeping on Daddy!

Our matching outfits

Our matching Outfits!

Very tired mommy

Exhausted Mommy!

I hate bathtime

Finally bathtime is over

First at home Sponge bath, which Avan HATED!

Our hands, our baby

Our Hands, Our baby!!!

Happy Xmas, going to go get weighed

Happy Christmas Eve, time to go get a weight check! 6lbs 11ozs!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (this outfit was given to us by the Wood Family, so sweet)

Ready to meet Grandma

Ready to meet Grandma!!!

Grandma and Avan meet

Grandma and Avan meet!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Birth of Avan (what I posted on BBC)

So this is my labor and delivery story. Feel free to skim or not read all of it. As it is very long!
So, at 6pm Thursday I called L&D like I was told and they said to be there at 7pm as planned for induction. Well, we arrived a little late because we decided to stop at Chick-Fil-A to eat some dinner...didn't know when my next meal would be. Once we got there they hooked me to monitors and put the cervadil in place. I started having cx pretty quickly, about 6 minutes apart. BTW I was about a fingertip dialated to start with and barely thinned out. So the midwife (Mrs. T) said that is was going to be a long process for me. Later in the night I learned there was another woman there next to me who was going through the same thing, only arrived the day prior, wednesday. Nice to know I was not the only one in the same boat. They gave me something to help me sleep in hopes I could get some good rest. Right, I didn't sleep, not when you are all hooked up with iv's and monitors and the bp thing beeping every 15mins because of high bp! Nick did though, he snored all night long! The next morning a new doctor was on (Dr F), she came in and removed the cervadil and then started pitocin. Still no change in my cervix and she suggested that we try this balloon thing. Bascially, a foley cath shoved up in my cervix and filled with water to push my cervix to dialate to at least 4cms. Well, she was UNSUCCESSFUL with that. OUCH!! So, they just continued to up pitocin. I can tell you I was in PAIN. They hurt badly and I wasn't progressing. It was so disappointing. Also, because of the Pre E the damn bp cuff kept beeping off! In the afternoon the Anesthesiologist came in to talk to me about my epi and back issues and allergies. So, he said he would be back whenever I wanted, doesn't have to be at 3cm or anything. Just whenever I needed it. My doc came and checked me, still no change....but she did offer some stadol. So I had that and tried to rest, keeping my bp somewhat lowered. Around 6pm I learned that they would probably shut off the pitocin and let me sleep that night and restart in the AM. I freaked!!!! I did not plan to be in labor for days on end. I didn't know that was what they did. I disliked the doc suggesting this point another midwife "tried" the balloon thing AGAIN and also stripped membranes, OUCH!!!!!! Hurt so bad I was in tears. So, I was pretty upset. Then the nightshift came on....the nurse was RUDE! Explained that htis is how it goes and "labor is going to be painful." Really no kidding lady! She also kept telling me about how my baby could be only 35 weeks and will be preemie. Um NO read my chart, due date has not changed once. Plus I was diagnosed for 2 complications!!! So annoying, well after bumping heads for a few hours, I ended up with a new nurse, looks like she got tired of me! The new nurse was great, she helped me to breathe through cx and relax some. Also, the midwfe decided that they would stop the pit and let me eat and get up and walk around. Thinking this would help my frame of mind. It DID!! I felt so much better and my blood sugars were a lot better. I enjoyed a yummy dinner of Chicken Nuggets and fries! Oh and I also had a regular soda! It really sucked being 30+ hours in bed, strapped because of fetal monitoring and IV stuff. So, it changed my mood. Again they gave me something for sleep and I tried to rest. Nope, no such luck! The next AM I was dreading, knowing there would be no change because I had no cx. Well boy Saturday was AWESOME! When the day shift midwife (Mrs N)came in to meet me she said, "we are having this baby today!" She checked me, nope no change, then she would do the balloon thing and start the pit again. Finally somebody was successful with that thing! She also said I could get my epi! It was either the epi to help with my bp or the magnesium for the high bp! Praise the Lord! YES! So at 8amish I got my epi. This sucked! The balloon caused so many CX and tons of pain! BUt it made me dialate quickly. At about noon my midwife came in to see if the balloon was ready to come out, meaning I would be at 4cm! Sure enough, I was at 4cm and they broke my water. By 2pm the nurse told me she thought I was complete, just a hunch of hers. She went and got the midwife so that she could check. I was having some pressure and a little uncomfortable. I honestly did not believe I was complete, only because I had been disappointed so many other times. I was about 9 and half cms dialated! WOOHOOO! So, I only had a little bit more time to wait to see my baby boy. Nick and I started getting very anxious; we couldn't believe this was going to happen soon! So the nurse and midwife left and said they would be back very soon, to call if I felt pressure. So, about 20mins or so go by and I started feeling different. I told Nick to go get the midwife and nurse....his response was of course, they will be back....and I then say, NO go get them! He went out and got them, the midwife started running for our room! Sure enough, I was ready to push!!! Once I started pushing it went very quickly. The midwife was awesome! I only pushed for about an hour! I did have some moments where I had to pause because of getting sick, but the anthes. came and got me some antinausua stuff to help battle that! Once Avan crowned and his head was out, the midwife asked if Nick wanted to deliver his shoulders and put him on my chest. A wonderful story to share between father and son for years to come! Nick was surprised and shocked (plus he is normaly squemish) He was the one to deliver our son onto my chest! So, within an hour of pushing, Avan Keith was born, at 3:17pm. He weighed in at 7lbs and 1oz and was 20inches long. They let him lay on me for about 5 mins or so and then took him to the warmer. Avan only gave out one scream, and then was quiet. He is a very good self soother, we are learning. Avan didn't cry, they tried to do things, even the vitamin K shot didn't make him upset. They checked and rechecked his lungs, they sounded awesome! He just didn't want to cry. So after a few bad days we were blessed with a wonderful delivery! It was a lot better then what I Had imagined the days prior.

Now that the delivery story is over, I would like to share with you are bumps in the road. Because I had the GD, Avan had to have 4 total blood sugars. The first right after birth, and then 3 ones right before he eats. He had to stay above 40. If any of them were under then he would be stuck more. He had to have 3 good ones in a row to be cleared. Well, his sugars were below 40. So, the first night was rough. I had to get his blood sugar once he was going to eat. Next I bfed him. Then a half hour after eating we checked his blood sugar again. If it was still low I had to supplement with self expressed colustrumn and then with formula(my worst nightmare). Luckily, the doc (Dr L) that was on nightshift, rocked!!! she knew how disappointed I had been about having to supplement. She had us fee him the formula through a syringe and also another device that was like a straw that he sucked on next to my finger at the same time. This way he didn't get used to any other way other then nursing. Of course once the formula was given it would be time to start the whole process over again!!!! I had to wake him every 2 hours to eat and it took just as long to get him fed. We were both exhasuted and he didn't want to eat, he wasn't hungry. Either way it was only the first night that happened. He finally had great blood sugars and only required the formula 3 times. So, glad that he didn't have to be put on an IV or anything. There had been discussion of this. So, now I can eat whatever I want and Avan can be exclusively breastfed!

Time for some pictures!

Let's get this indcution started

Ready to get this whole Induction process going!!

Finally some relief after 2 days of laboring

Finally relief from 2 days of laboring!

Almost babytime

Feeling okay, just waiting for dialation and having this baby in my arms instead of tummy!

9 Cms

Oh my at 9 cms....any moment now I can start pushing!!!

The number 1 picture taken

The very first picture taken of Avan!

Needing some air

Giving him some O2 because he seemed to not be crying....because he is my calm boy!

Look at that face!

Look at that face, has daddy's chin!

All bundled up

All Bundled up and ready to see mommy!

7lbs and 1 oz 20 inches big

He weighed in at 7lbs and 1 oz...20 inches big!

Love at first sight

Love at first sight!

Our first meeting after being bundled

Holding Avan some more! So in love with him!


I just wanted a good look at him!

So precious

Isn't he perfect!!!!

Daddy and son

Okay Daddy needs a turn!

Our first family picture

Family Picture!

Hands always in the face

Hands are always in his face!

One of my favorites

One of my favorite pictures!

Crib Card

His crib card!

Avan's first outfit on

Getting Ready to go home! His first little outfit!

Ready To Go Home

Time to go home and see your Nursery Avan!

Time to go home

Let's Go!