Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Journal Entry - 04/26/08

Dear Baby, We are so blessed to have you! We found out yesterday! The stick said "pregnant". Then went to do lab blood work. The sheet said Positive! I have to wait until May 16th to get the doctor to say it though. We called everyone we could think of: Stacy, Auntie Brandy, Nana, Grandpa and Grandma, Meme, Great Grandma Jeanne, Nicki, Crystal, and Uncle Travis. I know we are missing some. Uncle Travis was shocked but excited! We went and celebrated with Ruby Tuesday. I wanted salad! We then went to Books A Million. I love to read and bought 3 books. I am anxious to feel you move and watch my belly grow! I figure I am 4 weeks! 8 Months to go! Love Mommy!



Let's start at the beginning of this wonderful journey.

April 25th 2008. Today, I woke up to knowing that I would test to see if I had a growing baby or not. We had a successful ovulation stick and Nick insisted I test this morning. He told me he knows I am pregnant. I keep thinking, I don't know.....would it really happen that fast. After all we just stopped the pill at the end of February. I have only had one cycle. So I tested......and YEP it said PREGNANT! I immediately called my doctor to go in for a blood test to be sure. I went in and they explained that they could not tell me the results....which bummed me out. But they did explain they could print out my labs for me and also if I needed a doctor appt then it is apparent that I am indeed pregnant! So, I waited in the waiting room patiently, wondering if a little life is in my tummy. In my mind, I already knew, but didn't want to get all giddy in case it was a fluke. They called me up to the front desk and handed me my copied lab sheet.....the nurse not knowing that I do know how to read labwork!! They explained that I needed to make an appt! I also saw that it showed big amounts of HCG, the hormone made only with pregnancy! I was exstatic! I couldn't wait to tell Nick! So, I got home and called Nick and told him our news.....We are PREGNANT! He of course responds...."I know". We had already made plans for this Friday. We were going to go to dinner and of course see the new movie that was out.....Baby Mama. It was soo much better watching that movie knowing I was indeed pregnant! It was so beautiful to know life was growing inside me and we were going to start a family. The move was awesome!

Double Proof

3 Weeks

3 Weeks Pregnant!

To get things started!

I chose to start a blog because so many amazing things happen and we often forget. I would like to hold onto fond memories that I can read and reread as my son grows! I hope to continue this blog for a long while. I figured I would go back to my Fertility little journal I had started and read those thoughts and make a post for each special day. I will continue on and go from there! For those they choose to read up, I hope you enjoy these thoughts and wonderful times of our journey and how we became a family.

2 Weeks