Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 35 - 08/16 - 08/22/2009

Wow what a crazy busy week!!!

On the 16th we went and got Avan's pictures done! They were pretty cute! Although, I doubt we will use Walmart it is a full week and we still have not gotten a call back that they are ready....bummer! Hopefully, soon though....they told us Friday last week. Can't wait to share them with everyone! We chose the very first picture, it showed all 3 of his wonderful Dimples!!

Then Monday the 17th Avan surprised me and CRAWLED!!!! He is now fully mobile! We really thought he would walk first! So it was a shock that he crawled! Made me get super teary-eyed too! My little man is growing so big!

Avan celebrated his 8 month victory by popping 2, yes TWO new teeth!!!! I knew he started teething, so I checked his mouth daily! Then on the 20th I actually finally felt them! I only saw 1 popped through and the other was very close. Sure enough the next day the other one popped! So my big boy now has 2 teeth at once! Poor little guy! No wonder he has been fussy!

In other news I have started a small project. I now am sewing things for folks! I named them Burn from my BBC girls of course! They are leggings for when they crawl around, extra warmth and to help with potty training! I originally saw them for very expensive and thought, hmmm I could figure this out and sewing them! Sure enough, figured it out and now I am selling them! Nick is super excited about it. He is so supportive! He helps pick out colors and has thought of a few ideas. It is great!

We have also decided on Avan's first birthday theme! We are going with Dinos! I found the cutest set that is "The Big One" with a dino wrapped around the number 1. I love it! Should be a blast to decorate!

Other news...Avan has leaned forwards to get kisses from Mommy, has semi-clapped and also reaches for me! I love it! Anything enw and exciting is fun! Aren't kids just wonderful blessings??!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 34 - 08/09 - 08/15/2009

Where is the time going? We are busy doing all of things we would like to do prior to our move. I can't believe we only have a month and half left in VA!

Avan is learning so much each week! On Tuesday, he decided he would let go of the couch and slap it to get Macy's attention! He still has yet to crawl crawl...but rather goes backwards or scoots. But he gladly pulls himself up on EVERYTHING! He also does this push-up thing. He loves to just stand and walk with us. I really wonder if he will just walk instead of crawling!

Mommy got a new toy! A new iphone! Now I can update while we are on the road and during the move! So cool! It is a neat little gadget that should help us during our cross-country trip!

We had our first big boo boo as well! Daddy and Mommy were folding and putting away laundry, and BAM right off the bed. Poor little guy ended up with a small rug burn on his forehead! Perfect, just in time for pictures! We go in Sunday to see Christie. She has been wanting to snap photos of Avan for a while. We thought 8 month Walmart pictures would be fun to do! Hopefully, they turn out well!

I am also in love with this websie A great site for WAHM mommies! I bought the cutest sling from there and am now going for a Mai Tei wrap. Nick is even helping in the purchase so he will wear Avan. For those that follow my blog, you should check it out...lots of cute and great things!

Week 33 - 08/02 - 08/08/09

To start off the week we celebrated our 3rd year of marriage! A year ago August 2nd we learned Avan was a little boy in my tummy! This year we enjoyed DC! Great to enjoy it with Avan outside my belly!!!

On Saturday I spent the day sewing! I made Avan these leggings so that he doesn't get the horrible rug burn. Super cute. Then I took a pair of Daddy's wool socks and made the cutest Sock Monkey! Avan loves having a crafty Mommy to make him new toys!

Avan is developing his little voice more and more! At the end of the week he began this squeal of excitement! It is sooo loud! Very cute in an abnoxious kind of way!

Week 32 - 07/26 - 08/01/2009

A very exciting week. On the 29th we decided to puree some chicken breast for Avan and he LOVED it! So now he is getting some added protein! Really cute to see the new texture in his diet! Wonder when he will get teeth, so he can have more table foods. We are still battling some teething symptoms. Low Grade fever, crankiness and chompin on things!

On July 30th we drove up to Washington, DC and stayed for a couple of days. It was wonderful! Avan LOVED the Zoo. He followed the animals and kicked in excitement. He also enjoyed just checking things out, sleeping, and chilling with mommy in the sling.

On August 1st, Avan waved Bye Bye or signed Mama. It seems he lifts his hand and moves it when someone is leaving.....although he does the same movement when I do the sign for mama. Hard to say which one he is doing. The first time we noticed it was standing in line to se the Ruby Slippers. A woman behind us was waving at him and he did this. Super cute!! He did amazing for the whole trip. Just relaxed and went along with what we did.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 31 - 07/19 - 07/25/2009

Sunday the 19th Nick and I decided to give us all more space in the Family Bed. We side-carred Avan's crib with ours. He really likes it! He plays in there while we settle in for the night. Then one of us rock or cuddle him until he falls asleep. Then we lay him in his crib. When he wakes at 1am he moves into our bed. We all seem to like the new setup! Works great for laundry day as well! I can fold and hang clothes why he plays and scoots around the bed!

We made it 7 months!!! Oh my goodness my little boy is 7 months old! He is closer to turning a year old! We are now part of a mommy/baby playdate group. Becky and Crystal bring their kiddos and we all enjoy lunch and just hanging out. It has been so nice, sadly though I will be moving! I hope to continue the friendship! Avan is still crawling backwards! It seems he doesn't have enough muscles to get him forwards. He tries and falls.

Nick and I are wondering if he has begun teething. He has been running a 99.0-100.0 temp and hadn't slept well over the weekend. So far I don't see anything and he has no drooling or that sort of thing. Being a FTM has its downfalls! Sometimes I just wish we had the answers!

Week 30 - 07/12 - 07/18/2009

On Sunday the 12th I got a wondeful suggestion to bake a sweet potato and make "fries" out of it for Avan....then roll in cheerio powder! Avan had a blast! He went right to town and shoveled it all in quick! So this will be a new thing for him! It seemed he would prefer Mommy and Daddy feeding him.....but this way he does it all by himself! So cute!

On Tuesday the 14th Avan did the amazing, PULLED HIMSELF UP! My girlfriend Stacy and I were upstairs. I was putting away all of his clothes and turned around. We heard giggling and turned back to see Avan looking at me! It was soo cute! I was shocked that he could do that already! He grows more and more every day!

Avan crawls great BACKWARDS, for some reason he will not go forwards. We try to coax him but it doesn't work. He does get around great though backwards! Kinda silly he backs himself into a corner and gets really upset!

Week 29 - 07/05 - 07/11/2009

Another week! This week was nice and quiet! Avan is eating more and more foods. His menu consists of Avocodos, Bananas, Sweet Peas, Green Beans, Acorn Squash, Plums, White and yellow Peaches, Pears, Mangos, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, and any other little tastes we give him. He loves to eat! We are happy to report we are almost at 7 months of nursing, woohoo! It is wonderful! I am glad we have been so successful with it! I hope to go as long as we can!

Becky came over and we were able to sew our slings! They look great! I am so proud of us for making them!

We received the best news ever this week! We are moving back to WA in October! I am still in shock! So thrilled to get our orders finally! I guess the Navy got a small fund, so orders were turned back on and poof there our orders were! Nick will start "C" School October 23rd! Then of course he will have to return to a Submarine. But good news is we will be HOME! So I will be surrounded by family to help Avan and I!