Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 33 - 08/02 - 08/08/09

To start off the week we celebrated our 3rd year of marriage! A year ago August 2nd we learned Avan was a little boy in my tummy! This year we enjoyed DC! Great to enjoy it with Avan outside my belly!!!

On Saturday I spent the day sewing! I made Avan these leggings so that he doesn't get the horrible rug burn. Super cute. Then I took a pair of Daddy's wool socks and made the cutest Sock Monkey! Avan loves having a crafty Mommy to make him new toys!

Avan is developing his little voice more and more! At the end of the week he began this squeal of excitement! It is sooo loud! Very cute in an abnoxious kind of way!

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