Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 35 - 08/16 - 08/22/2009

Wow what a crazy busy week!!!

On the 16th we went and got Avan's pictures done! They were pretty cute! Although, I doubt we will use Walmart it is a full week and we still have not gotten a call back that they are ready....bummer! Hopefully, soon though....they told us Friday last week. Can't wait to share them with everyone! We chose the very first picture, it showed all 3 of his wonderful Dimples!!

Then Monday the 17th Avan surprised me and CRAWLED!!!! He is now fully mobile! We really thought he would walk first! So it was a shock that he crawled! Made me get super teary-eyed too! My little man is growing so big!

Avan celebrated his 8 month victory by popping 2, yes TWO new teeth!!!! I knew he started teething, so I checked his mouth daily! Then on the 20th I actually finally felt them! I only saw 1 popped through and the other was very close. Sure enough the next day the other one popped! So my big boy now has 2 teeth at once! Poor little guy! No wonder he has been fussy!

In other news I have started a small project. I now am sewing things for folks! I named them Burn from my BBC girls of course! They are leggings for when they crawl around, extra warmth and to help with potty training! I originally saw them for very expensive and thought, hmmm I could figure this out and sewing them! Sure enough, figured it out and now I am selling them! Nick is super excited about it. He is so supportive! He helps pick out colors and has thought of a few ideas. It is great!

We have also decided on Avan's first birthday theme! We are going with Dinos! I found the cutest set that is "The Big One" with a dino wrapped around the number 1. I love it! Should be a blast to decorate!

Other news...Avan has leaned forwards to get kisses from Mommy, has semi-clapped and also reaches for me! I love it! Anything enw and exciting is fun! Aren't kids just wonderful blessings??!!!!

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