Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 34 - 08/09 - 08/15/2009

Where is the time going? We are busy doing all of things we would like to do prior to our move. I can't believe we only have a month and half left in VA!

Avan is learning so much each week! On Tuesday, he decided he would let go of the couch and slap it to get Macy's attention! He still has yet to crawl crawl...but rather goes backwards or scoots. But he gladly pulls himself up on EVERYTHING! He also does this push-up thing. He loves to just stand and walk with us. I really wonder if he will just walk instead of crawling!

Mommy got a new toy! A new iphone! Now I can update while we are on the road and during the move! So cool! It is a neat little gadget that should help us during our cross-country trip!

We had our first big boo boo as well! Daddy and Mommy were folding and putting away laundry, and BAM right off the bed. Poor little guy ended up with a small rug burn on his forehead! Perfect, just in time for pictures! We go in Sunday to see Christie. She has been wanting to snap photos of Avan for a while. We thought 8 month Walmart pictures would be fun to do! Hopefully, they turn out well!

I am also in love with this websie A great site for WAHM mommies! I bought the cutest sling from there and am now going for a Mai Tei wrap. Nick is even helping in the purchase so he will wear Avan. For those that follow my blog, you should check it out...lots of cute and great things!

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