Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 29 - 07/05 - 07/11/2009

Another week! This week was nice and quiet! Avan is eating more and more foods. His menu consists of Avocodos, Bananas, Sweet Peas, Green Beans, Acorn Squash, Plums, White and yellow Peaches, Pears, Mangos, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, and any other little tastes we give him. He loves to eat! We are happy to report we are almost at 7 months of nursing, woohoo! It is wonderful! I am glad we have been so successful with it! I hope to go as long as we can!

Becky came over and we were able to sew our slings! They look great! I am so proud of us for making them!

We received the best news ever this week! We are moving back to WA in October! I am still in shock! So thrilled to get our orders finally! I guess the Navy got a small fund, so orders were turned back on and poof there our orders were! Nick will start "C" School October 23rd! Then of course he will have to return to a Submarine. But good news is we will be HOME! So I will be surrounded by family to help Avan and I!

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