Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 30 - 07/12 - 07/18/2009

On Sunday the 12th I got a wondeful suggestion to bake a sweet potato and make "fries" out of it for Avan....then roll in cheerio powder! Avan had a blast! He went right to town and shoveled it all in quick! So this will be a new thing for him! It seemed he would prefer Mommy and Daddy feeding him.....but this way he does it all by himself! So cute!

On Tuesday the 14th Avan did the amazing, PULLED HIMSELF UP! My girlfriend Stacy and I were upstairs. I was putting away all of his clothes and turned around. We heard giggling and turned back to see Avan looking at me! It was soo cute! I was shocked that he could do that already! He grows more and more every day!

Avan crawls great BACKWARDS, for some reason he will not go forwards. We try to coax him but it doesn't work. He does get around great though backwards! Kinda silly he backs himself into a corner and gets really upset!


  1. Great idea about the fries! I am going to give it a shot this week. You should post a pic of him eating one... Isn't it adorable to watch them feed themselves!

  2. It really is awesome, you can also do this with squash and avocodos! This keeps them from getting slimey!!! I am so loving him having a blast feeding himself!