Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 31 - 07/19 - 07/25/2009

Sunday the 19th Nick and I decided to give us all more space in the Family Bed. We side-carred Avan's crib with ours. He really likes it! He plays in there while we settle in for the night. Then one of us rock or cuddle him until he falls asleep. Then we lay him in his crib. When he wakes at 1am he moves into our bed. We all seem to like the new setup! Works great for laundry day as well! I can fold and hang clothes why he plays and scoots around the bed!

We made it 7 months!!! Oh my goodness my little boy is 7 months old! He is closer to turning a year old! We are now part of a mommy/baby playdate group. Becky and Crystal bring their kiddos and we all enjoy lunch and just hanging out. It has been so nice, sadly though I will be moving! I hope to continue the friendship! Avan is still crawling backwards! It seems he doesn't have enough muscles to get him forwards. He tries and falls.

Nick and I are wondering if he has begun teething. He has been running a 99.0-100.0 temp and hadn't slept well over the weekend. So far I don't see anything and he has no drooling or that sort of thing. Being a FTM has its downfalls! Sometimes I just wish we had the answers!

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